Thursday, September 10, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion vs. Cliche Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base

So I was hearing all this rave about Cliche Cosmetic's eyeshadow base in Light on Youtube and I decided to order one (along with other things from their website) just to see what it was all about! It was $10 on the website excluding shipping so what did I have to lose?

Urban Decay Primer Potion ($17)

Cliche Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base ($10)

In order to make a fair test on these two products, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion on my left eye and Cliche Cosmetics on my right eye. I didn't aply both products at the same time, but did them seperately. Applying primer/base, eyeshadow ... then repeating the same thing on the other eye so the primer wouldn't dry out while I'm doing one eye. I did not retouch on the colours that I have lost from all the blending to give you a good idea of how much effort it takes for each product to blend.

The eyeshadows I used are from the new MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection quad in Photorealism.

What was my conclusion?

Cliche Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base, hands down!

The eyeshadows were so much easier to blend after applying the base, compared to UDPP. UDPP doesn't allow you to move your eyeshadows around as much as Cliche Cosmetics does. You will still have time to blend out those horrible harsh lines with ease without losing too much colour on the way! Because you don't have to blend as much, Cliche Cosmetics base can keep your eyeshadow colours intact without having to touchup! It's awesome! What's even better, it is $7 cheaper than Urban Decay!

The only downfall is it only comes in 'Light'. I'm a NC30 for MAC and it is alright for me ... but if you have much darker skintone, it may appear too ashy.


Hope this helped out those of you who are debating between UDPP and Cliche!
Good Luck! :)


  1. Thanks for the review, it was quite helpful.
    But I do have one question: did the cliche primer crease after a full day's wear?

  2. No, the cliche primer didn't crease at all! It has the same staying power as a UDPP or even Too Faced Shadow Insurace :) Hope it helped!

  3. Thanks!
    oh~ I forgot to ask if you had oily or dry lids?

  4. My lids tend to be oily if I don't do anything to it prior to putting the primer on (if that made any sense) ... but I don't have problems with Cliche ... then again I didnt have problems with UDPP if that helps at all? :) Also, if you are worried about getting a full size Cliche primer, they have them in pan size (same size as MACs) and they go for slightly cheaper. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Thanks again! I also have oily lids and I think I'm going to get the primer to try it out. You've been a lot of help and thanks again for answering my questions~ ;)
    Keep up the great work!