Friday, September 25, 2009

Australia-based MAC pigment samples?

I was looking through my make-up stash the other night trying to organise everything (yes, again!) and couldn't help but notice how much make-up I have bought that I never really use. Even if it was used, it was only used once or twice.

So here's an idea.

We all know MAC pigment/glitter samples are available for purchase in a lot of websites but they are all based in the US. I'm thinking to sell pigment samples on my blogspot for those of you who reside in Australia just to save all of us a bit on shipping and handling. I might even throw in some paintpot samples!

This is just an idea for now.

If you're interested or would like to see some Australia-based MAC pigments to be purchased, leave a comment below.


1 comment:

  1. wow your blog is a great find!
    the pigment idea is also a really good idea