Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: IQQU Acne Serum 30ml/1.01 oz

When I first recieved this in the mail, my first impression was "wow ... sleek packaging" which I guess reflects on the IQQU overall webpage design by Michelle Phan, also known as Ricebunny on youtube. The size of the product was pretty standard, your type tube with a pretty decent pump and a white cap which is really what you would expect for 30ml.

The product took a fair number of pumps for it to come out, but one pump is a decent amount for your entire face which I can see the product being on my shelf for quite some time. If I'm not wrong, IQQU has raised the prices for their products which is really a bummer because $24.99 is a fair amount of money for the amount they are giving you. I'd say shipping is pretty fair, considering it was only $6 to ship to Hong Kong.

The product comes out as a yellowish-orange gel like consistency and there is an obvious scent of tea tree oil when you put it on your face as it is one of the main ingredients of the product which helps to heal damanged skin. So, for those who don't like products with fragances, especially tea tree oil, this isn't a product for you although the scent goes away after a minute or two when applied to your skin. I don't mind tree tree oil scents so much myself, but the Body Shop ones are too much for me. The product sets into your skin pretty fast and it feels pretty soothing upson application.

If I was asked whether or not I'd repurchase this product, I'd say yes if it wasn't so pricey for 30ml ... other than that, it's a great product to have on your shelf!
Coming up ... IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF35 UVA/UVB :)