Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cheaper alternative to Coastal Scents?

We all know about the infamous Coastal Scents that sells 88 shimmer and matte eyeshadow palettes for ridiculously low prices ... but for some of us like myself who don't live in the States (I'm in Australia), shipping costs can be a handful as the total weight of the products you want from them pile up! There are occasions where shipping costs will be almost the same as the total cost of my products (ridiculous, right?) For that reason, I decided to stop buying palettes from Coastal Scents, except for their empty ones but Stars MakeUp Haven seem to have them for the same price but much cheaper shipping costs.

So here I was browsing on eBay for some random stuff in hope to get them for a cheaper price than normal retail prices in stores and I came across these beauties ... so obviously I had a huge haul from an eBay seller (Check her out!) to test out these products! Reviews on these are coming up ...
Look familiar, no? Familiar again, no? If not, seriously think again!
Okay, so this one may not look so familar but it is a 15 camoflage concealer palette with 11 skintone shades of concealer, 3 correcting colours and a shimmery silver highlight colour! If you are ever going to compare these with the Coastal Scents palette that only has 10 camoflage concealer colours for almost DOUBLE the price ... you got to be kidding me.
I'm in no way trying to turn anyone off buying from Coastal Scents but there are seriously better deals out there ... Coastal Scents only import their palettes from China and puts a logo on the palettes to claim them their own product, so why not buy directly from the supplier on eBay?

Coming Up ...
Review on eBay camoflage concealer palette vs. Napolean Perdis concealer/colour correcting colour wheel!
Stay tuned :)

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