Sunday, September 6, 2009


In recent years, I have stopped blogging for various reasons. There came a point in life where blogging became an addiction and all I seemed to do after school was blog ... yet here I am surfing the internet and reading other makeup guru's blogspots through YouTube. It inspired me to restart my blogging routine - not so much about my daily life but the things that keep me interested and passionate about!

Here are some facts about me ...
  • I'm a double major student studying Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Australia.
  • I used to play the piano but stopped after my Grade 6 exam
  • I've moved out of home since the age of 18 ...
  • I love food, except for pineapples and corriander (is it considered a food?)
  • I love to shop and splurge money on things I probably won't use or need

I'm a typical girl who loves life, makeup and gossip ... what do you love?

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