Sunday, September 6, 2009

Latest MAC haul

MAC Graphic Garden Collection 2009

MAC recently came out with their Graphic Garden Collection that included 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 lipstick sets and 2 brush sets. It kind of reminds me of the Holiday collections that they come out with every year. These were originally exclusive to Nordstrome in the U.S. and I was shocked to see them released in Australia. The holograpic palette designs were neat and the colours were definitely different to the Holiday 2008 collection (which is a bonus)

Haven't had the time to play around with the colours but I am excited! I will definitely try doing a few looks with these when I am done with cramming two assignments that are due this week! School has been absolutely insane!!

So taking time aside from school work, I have been trying to rearrange my dresser/bookshelf. My makeup collection, especially MAC is growing like a kid hitting puberty. Weird anaology I know. ha! So here is what I came up with ... the purple/white drawer was the most recent purchase from the Reject Shop and I just mixed the colours around with my black/white drawer to make it look cooler. What do you think?

Ohh I'm excited about the new MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection that's being released tomorrow in stores! They're already up on their website but I definitely have to go check out some of the colours before buying anything ... I already have a wishlist for what I want to get so fingers crossed I won't overspend! Any suggestions on what is good? The quads look tempting ... and definitely the pigments and technakohls ... oh dear!

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