Monday, September 7, 2009

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection 2009

Woo! So I finally got my hands on the new MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection. Ironically 'MAC' stands for 'Makeup Art Cosmetics' so they are really coming up with a collection under their own name ... possibly to 'sell' their products. But seriously, MAC doesn't need to 'hard sell' their products! They're hauled all over the world. Just look at YouTube and you see soo many people raving over their pigmented eyeshadows and how great their pay-off is (well, most of their eyeshadows becaue undoubtly there are some pretty bad pay-off colours that they have released in the past).

I'm very impressed with this collection! There is just so much to choose from since it was collated with 3 artists. I did a mini haul on this collection (for now ...) because there are still some things that I'm thinking about buying! :)

I was so excited about getting my hands on them, I decided to quickly make a look using the products in the collection!

Products used (eyes only):
- Sublime Nature paint
- Cocomotion all over the lid
- Brash and Bold pigment (Bright magenta pink) on the outer half of the lid
- Push the Edge pigment (Matte dark purple) on the outer 'v'
- Off the Page eyeshadow to blend out the colours above Push the Edge
- Vanilla pigment as highlight

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